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Pit Bulls and Bloat

    Bloat is a condition caused by the rapid ingestion of large amounts of food and air.  Gulping food is common in all dogs and harks back to their wolf ancestors.  In wolves food must be eaten quickly to prevent it from being eaten by others.    Bloat is second only to cancer in […]

Selecting Your Pit Bull Puppy

    It doesn’t take long for a Pit Bull puppy to become who he is.  A seven month old Pit has already developed personality and temperament traits based on life experiences and genetics.    While environment and training play an important roll it is best to start with a puppy that has a calm […]

Prongs and Pits

  Prong collars use metal prongs that pinch or dig into a dog’s neck when the leash is tightened.  They are used to gain control and correct pulling behavior or aggression.   Choke collars do not have metal prongs, but use small chains.  When the leash is pulled tight pressure is applied around the neck […]