Keeping Your Pit Bull Healthy


A dog is a social animal and due to its social ability, it has been considered to be man’s best friend since ages. Dogs come in a variety of breeds and choosing the best dog for oneself from the available breeds can sometimes be a tricky task. But if you want a dog that is not just confident and playful but even likes to be dependent on its master, then Pit bulls surely fit into your needs. Pit bulls are extremely affectionate towards their owner and can easily outshine other breeds when it comes to being loyal and caring about their master. But dogs, be it the Pit bulls or any other are animals can’t speak and convey their feelings and this why you as a master have to play a major responsibility in keeping your pit bull healthy.

Keeping your Pit bull healthy is not a difficult task as unlike many other dog breeds. Pit bulls don’t suffer from many ailments and are genetically blessed with good health. But in case you want your pit bull to stay by your side for longer time without any ailments or problems, then you must check out the following tips for keeping your pit bull healthy and hearty:

ü      Give your pit bull the diet it requires

In order to make their pit bulls muscular and healthy, many people start feeding the young puppies health supplements which can injure their pit bull internally and harmonically. Thus it is important for the owners to realize the importance of quality and nutritious food and they must serve their pit bulls such food in definite proportions strictly in accordance to its age. Nutritious and balanced diet helps your pit bull to gain weight and make its hair shinier and longer.

ü      Maintain hygiene

Just like humans, dogs too are likely to maintain good health in clean and hygienic environment. Thus make sure that your pit bull is bathed at regular intervals and its body is scrubbed properly in order to remove dirt and dust that gets into its hair and makes it uncomfortable. Brush his teeth and hair regularly in order to maintain its health and fitness.

ü      Exercise is important

Pit bulls are extremely athletic breed that are usually bred to work and this is the reason why an active lifestyle is so important for maintaining your pit bulls health and well being. Sometimes pit bulls may show behavior such as chewing, whining and digging etc. In order to help them burn their steam, it is imperative for their master to take them for a regular walk or an active exercise session.

ü      Pit bulls may need medical help

It has been observed that pit bulls are often blessed with great health and thus may not encounter many diseases. But there are chances that your pit bull might develop diseases like hip dysplasia or cataract etc. as often seen in this breed. Thus it becomes a necessity for you to take your pit bull regularly for check up to a veterinarian in order to maintain its health and fitness.