Selecting Your Pit Bull Puppy

 It doesn’t take long for a Pit Bull puppy to become who he is.  A seven month old Pit has already developed personality and temperament traits based on life experiences and genetics. 

While environment and training play an important roll it is best to start with a puppy that has a calm demeanor.  A laid back personality in a puppy is likely to produce an adult with a similar disposition. 

A pup that is the most aggressive of his litter may very well become an aggressive adult.  By the same token a pup that chooses to distance himself from others may turn out to be a shy and withdrawn adult. 

It is important to spend time with prospective pups and observe their behavior and how they interact with their littermates.  Equally important is how they interact with you.  A tried and true method is holding the pup with one hand supporting his front legs and the other supporting his rear.  In this comfortable position the pup should relax and not struggle.  If he cries out or struggles that is not a good sign.  A pup with a good disposition may squirm at first but then gain control. 

A well adjusted pup should show interest in human beings.  A good way to measure that interest or lack thereof is to take the pup to a quiet room, separate yourself, kneel down and clap your hands.  A pup that responds to you and comes over to investigate is the one to consider first.  A pup that shies away may show the same traits as an adult. 

A pup that licks your face when held close is a good sign.  It means he has already developed socialization skills with humans and already displaying affection which is an important attribute. 

A friend once related his experience in choosing a pup in a distant city.  He and his wife made their selection and on the two hour return trip knew they had selected a winner.  It seams that the young pup nestled quietly in his wife’s lap and slept the entire trip.  One would expect a puppy to squirm or whine on such a long trip, but careful selection can bring these happy results.  As it turned out the Pit puppy grew into the most affectionate ‘couch potato’ adult you could ever imagine. 

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